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He also won the 1958-59 Cupa României and played in the first European match of a Romanian team in the 1956-57 European Cup in the 3-1 victory against Galatasaray in which he scored the last goal, helping The Red Dogs go to the next phase of the competition where they were eliminated by CDNA Sofia, retro man utd shirt Ene playing in all four games from the campaign. Alexandru Ene was born on 19 September 1928 in Brăila, Romania and he started playing football at junior level at Olympia București from 1941 to 1947, then he went to play Metalul București at senior level in Divizia B, retro man utd shirt helping the team promote to Divizia A where he made his debut under coach Augustin Botescu on 22 August 1948 in a 6-1 loss against vintage football shirts CFR Timișoara.

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